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High-precision waveforms with the small-mass-ratio limit

Scott Hughes

Friday, Dec 1 2023 at 4:00 pm Cahill, Hameetman Auditorium

Current gravitational-wave detectors are being upgraded, and plans are developing for future detectors with greater sensitivity over broader frequency bands. As instruments improve and develop, more cycles of sources’ gravitational waveforms will be measured with greater signal to noise ratio. Such higher fidelity measurements promise to teach us more about their sources and the nature of strong-field gravity — but only if theoretical modeling of these waves is able to match advances in the detectors. As we measure waveforms with better precision, the likelihood increases that systematic modeling errors will affect inferences about what we measure. In this talk, I will survey recent progress modeling waveforms from small-mass binaries. Such binaries, which exactly describe important low-frequency gravitational wave sources, also serve as a limit of the more general binary problem that can be modeled with very high precision. I will discuss the outstanding progress that has been made on this problem in recent years, and how what we learn in this limit can be combined with other binary modeling techniques to advance modeling for relativistic binaries in general.

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19.11.19 Niels Warburton: Extreme mass-ratio inspirals: going beyond linear perturbation theory video
19.08.08 Vijay Varma: Binary black hole simulations: from supercomputers to your laptop video
19.06.04 Kunal Mooley: GW170817 and the EM counterparts of future GW events video
19.05.07 Smadar Naoz: Gravitational Wave Sources at the Heart of Galaxie video
19.01.29 Alvin Chua: Maximize the overlap: Fusing source modeling and data analysis for LISA video
18.04.24 Abby Crites: Measuring the Cosmic Microwave Background Polarization with the South Pole Telescope and Future Instruments slides audio
18.01.23 Leo Stein: Probing strong-field gravity: Black holes and mergers in general relativity and beyond slides video
17.12.04 Jocelyn Read: Matter in neutron-star mergers video
17.11.14 Mansi Kasliwal & Gregg Hallinan: GW170817 EM Counterpart video
17.10.24 Jess McIver: GW170817: Gravitational Waves from the Merger of Two Neutron Stars slides video
16.11.09 Vivien Raymond: A new beginning for transient gravitational-wave astrophysics slides video
16.03.22 James Clark: Strains And Simulations: Inferring Properties of Gravitational Wave Sources Without Models video
16.03.08 Sarah Burke-Spolaor: MULTI-MESSENGER MONSTERS!!! video
16.02.23 Alan Weinstein: First Results from Advanced LIGO video1 video2
16.01.26 Will Farr: Population Explosion: Understanding the Populations of Hot Jupiters, Black Holes, Earth-like Exoplanets, and (Eventually) LIGO Sources video
15.12.01 Stephen Taylor: Near-future prospects for detection and astrophysical inference with pulsar-timing arrays video
15.11.17 Brent Ware: The GRACE Follow-On Laser Ranging Interferometer video
15.10.06 Kenta Hotokezaka: Electromagnetic counterparts of neutron star mergers and the origin of heavy elements slides   video
15.05.19 Daniel Kasen: The Color of Kilonovae: Electromagnetic Signatures of Compact Object Mergers video
15.04.21 Carver Mead: G4v - An Engineering Approach to Gravitation video
15.03.24 Chris Messenger: Hearing what gravitational wave standard sirens have to say slides   video
15.03.10 Benjamin Lackey: Reconstructing the neutron-star equation of state from gravitational-wave observations slides   video
15.02.24 Hartmut Grote: No signal yet: The elusive birefringence of the vacuum, and whether gravitational wave detectors may help slides   video
15.02.17 Sydney Chamberlin: Gravity and the unseen sky slides   video
15.02.10 B Sathyaprakash: Gravitational Astronomy - Prospects and Challenges a Century after Einstein video
14.12.09 Eric Thrane: Prospects for gravitational-wave background detection with Advanced LIGO/Virgo video
14.11.04 Massimo Tinto: gLISA: geosynchronous Laser Interferometer Space Antenna video
14.10.14 Yuri Levin: Reciprocity relationships for gravitational-wave interferometers video
14.06.10 Chiara Caprini: Cosmology with gravitational-wave detection video
14.04.29 William Folkner: The orbits of the Earth and planets and their relation to the celestial reference frame video
14.03.11 Masaru Shibata: Gravitational waves and electromagnetic counter parts of binary neutron star mergers video
14.03.04 Gary Sanders: The Thirty Meter Telescope: How California, Canada, China, India and Japan are Working Together to Build a Next Generation Extremely Large Telescope video
14.01.21 John Friedman: Measuring the neutron-star equation of state with gravitational waves from binary inspiral video
13.12.10 Curt Cutler: The gravitational-wave discovery space of pulsar-timing arrays video
13.10.08 Justin Ellis: Searching for Gravitational Waves with Pulsar Timing Arrays video
13.06.04 John Ziemer: Micropropulsion applications from gravity-wave telescopes to exoplanet observatories and cube-sats video
13.03.12 Kenta Kiuchi: Gravitational waves and neutrino emissions from compact binary mergers video
13.02.19 Keith Schwab: Development of ultra-low loss acoustic resonator from Superfluid Helium-4 video
13.02.05 Duncan Brown: Challenges in searches for binary black holes and black hole-neutron star systems video
13.01.22 Sarah Burke-Spolaor: Supermassive pairs hiding in the cosmos
12.12.11 Rana Adhikari: Turning on and tuning in the gravitational radiation antennae video
12.11.27 Aaron Zimmerman: Visualizing curved spacetime: what we have learned video
12.11.13 Andreas Ross: Gravitational radiation from compact binaries with effective field theory video
12.10.30 Ayaka Shoda: Torsion-bar antenna for low-frequency gravitational-wave detection video
12.05.01 Danielle Wuchenich: Digitally-enhanced interferometry
12.04.24 Sheila Dwyer: A quantum-enhanced gravitational-wave detector
12.03.13 Roland Haas: Gravitational and electromagnetic signatures from the tidal disruption of stars video
12.02.28 Matt Duez: Ways of seeing black hole-neutron star binaries video
11.12.13 Tony Piro: Electromagnetic and gravitational waves together video
11.11.29 David Reitze: Advanced LIGO - What, Why, How, When video
11.11.15 Mark Scheel: Binary Black Hole Simulations with SpEC video
11.05.31 Haixing Miao: Exploring macroscoping quantum mechanics in advanced gravitational-wave detectors video
11.05.10 Curt Cutler; Michele Vallisneri: New ideas in gravitational-wave data analysis: the phase relaxed F-statistic; exact maps of the maximum-likelihood estimator video
10.12.07 Jay Marx: Expanding the network of advanced GW detectors video
11.03.08 Laura Book: Astrometric effects of a stochastic gravitational wave background video
11.01.04 Jocelyn Read: Measuring the size of neutron stars using gravitational waves video
10.11.16 Tanja Hinderer: Transient resonances in extreme mass ratio inspirals video
10.11.16 Jan Harms: Newtonian noise or how to get into serious trouble (and out again) video
10.10.19 Chiara Caprini: Gravitational waves from first-order phase transitions video
10.08.10 Tarun Souradeep: Minimizing diffuse foreground emissions in sky maps video
10.05.25 Mansi Kasliwal: Transients in the local Universe video
10.05.11 Christian Reisswig: Cauchy-characteristic waveform extraction from binary black-hole inspiral and merger simulations video
10.04.20 Stan Whitcomb: An idiosyncratic history of technical developments leading to LIGO video
10.04.06 Bill Weber: Achieving freely falling test masses in LISA and LISA Pathfinder video
10.03.09 Zeeshan Ahmed: Results from the final exposure of CDMS-II video
10.03.02 Ben Owen: Probing neutron stars with gravitational waves video
10.01.12 Raffaele Flaminio: Research Developments and Plans for Advanced Virgo video
09.12.07 Stefano Vitale: LISA Pathfinder: The Experiment and the Way to LISA video
09.11.17 Peter Kalmus: GW Detector Calibration video
09.10.06 Chad Galley: Effective Field Theory Methods for Gravitational Binaries video
09.07.28 Curt Cutler: Cosmology with 300,000 Standard Sirens video
09.05.26 Krzysztof Gorski: Planck: History, Timing, Prospects video
09.05.12 Alberto Sesana: Prospects for Gravitational Wave detection with Forthcoming Pulsar Timing Arrays video
09.03.13 Vuk Mandic: The Deep Underground Gravity Lab at DUSEL video
09.02.24 Drew Keppel: Progress in the LSC/Virgo Search Pipeline for Compact Binary Coalescences video
09.02.10 Deirdre Shoemaker: Simplicity of Binary Black Hole Coalescence and Its Implications for Detection video
09.01.12 Craig Hogan: Holographic Geometry, Indeterminancy, and Noise video
08.12.09 Szabolcs Marka: Gravitational Waves and Multimessenger Astrophysics video
08.11.25 Christian Ott: Understanding Core-Collapse Supernovae with the Help of Gravitational Waves
08.11.11 Andrew Melatos: Gravitational Radiation from Pulsar Glitches: Nuclear Physics with LIGO video
08.10.28 Yanbei Chen: Exploring Macroscopic Quantum Mechanics with LIGO
08.07.29 Seiji Kawamura: The Japanese Space Gravitational-Wave Antenna DECIGO video
08.05.27 Erik Katsavounidis: Detection Confidence in Search of GW Transients video
08.05.06 Vanessa Lauburg: Prospects for LIGO Detection of Stellar-Mass Black Hole Binary Mergers in Galactic Nuclei video
08.03.04 Jonathan Feng: Dark Matters video
08.02.26 Janna Levin: A Periodic Table for Black Hole Orbits video
08.02.05 Marta Volonteri: Massive Black Holes From Early Times to the Present video
08.01.22 Lawrence Kidder: Binary Black Holes: Numerical Simulations and Approximation video
07.12.04 Emanuele Berti: Black Hole Binary Mergers and Black Hole Spectroscopy video
07.11.20 Yoichi Aso: Improving the Bandwidth and Stability of Interferometric GW Detectors with Suspension Point Interferometers video
07.10.09 Alessandra Buonanno: Interfacing Analytical and Numerical Relativity in the Modeling of Binary Black Holes video
07.06.05 Jeandrew Brink: Spacetime Encodings video
07.05.15 Elena Pierpaoli: Constraining GW with the CMB Radiation video
07.04.17 Leonid Grishchuk: 'Magnetic' Components of Gravitational Waves and Their Effect in the LIGO-VIRGO Response Functions video
07.03.06 Etienne Racine: Gaussianity of LISA Confusion Background from Extreme-Mass-Ratio Inspirals video
07.02.13 Richard Umstaetter: A Bayesian Estimation of Confusion Noise in the LISA Data video
06.11.28 Kirk McKenzie: Generating Squeezed States of Light for GW Detection video
06.11.14 Mark Scheel: A Revolution in Numerical Simulations of Binary Black Holes video
06.10.31 Shourov Chatterji: Status of LIGO's 5th Science Run video
06.10.17 Lars Bildsten: Ultracompact Binaries: Orbital Periods Shrter Than This Talk video
06.10.03 Antony Searle: Robust Bayesian Detection of Unmodeled Bursts of GW video
06.06.27 Teviet Creighton: Searching for Gravitational Waves with Einstein@Home Project video
06.06.13 Jean-Pierre Lasota: The Evidence for Astrophysical Black Holes video
06.04.18 Nergis Mavalvala: Squeezed States in GW Interferometers video
06.04.04 Tarun Souradeep: Hunting Correlation Patterns in the CMB Anisotropy video
06.03.14 Xavier Siemens: Gravitational Wave Bursts from Cosmic Strings: Quantitative Analysis and Constraints
06.03.07 Rana Adhikari: Tuning LIGO to Listen to Gravitational Waves video
06.02.28 Curt Cutler: BBO and the Neutron-Star-Binary Subtraction Problem video
06.02.20 Eirini Messaritaki: Searching for Gravitational Waves from Black Hole Binaries in Data From the LIGO Detectors: Challenges and Prospects video
06.01.03 Stefan Ballmer: Compensating Thermal Lensing in Initial LIGO video
05.12.20 Rejean Dupuis: Searches for Periodic Gravitational Waves video
05.11.15 Andrew Lange: Can We Detect the Inflationary Gravity Wave Background with CMB? video
05.10.11 Peter Bender: Experimental Design Tradeoffs for the LISA Mission
05.08.10 Graham Woan: Bayesian Methods Applied to LISA Source Identification video
05.05.17 Alessandra Buonanno: Source Modeling, Detection and Science of GW Emitted by Precessing Compact Binaries video
05.05.13 Frederick Jenet: GW Detection Using Radio Pulsar Timing video
05.03.08 Yanbei Chen: Quantum Nondemolition GW Detectors: The Future of LIGO
05.02.22 William Folkner: LISA Pathfinder and ST7 video
05.01.25 Paolo La Penna: Status of VIRGO
04.12.07 Rana Adhikari: Sensitivity Improvements in the LIGO Interferometers video
04.11.16 Patrick Sutton: LIGO-TAMA Joint Search for GW Bursts video
04.06.01 Michele Vallisneri: A Synthetic LISA, with Science and Engineering Applications video
04.05.18 Benjamin Owen: GW from Binaries with Spin-Orbit Precession video
04.04.13 Ho Jung Paik: Probing Extra Dimensions Using a Superconducting Gravity Gradiometer; GW Experiments on the Moon
04.03.26 Vladimir Braginsky: Adolescent Years of Experimental Physics
04.03.09 Vicky Kalogera: The Most Relativistic Double Pulsar: Implications for GW Detection and Neutron Star Formation
04.03.02 Adam Burrows: Multidimensional Supernova Simulations
04.01.29 Daniel Shaddock: Interferometry for LISA: New Concepts and Experimental Progress
04.01.13 Patrick Brady: LIGO's Continuing Search for GW
04.01.06 Peter Fritschel: The Stochastic GW Background: Prospects for Search and Detection
03.12.02 Szabolcs Marka: Search for GW Signatures of Violent Cosmic Events
03.11.18 Curt Cutler: Data Analysis for LISA Capture Sources video
03.10.07 Massimo Tinto: Time-Delay Interferometry for LISA: The Next Generation
03.06.10 Koji Arai: TAMA300: Current Status and Joint Observation with LIGO
03.05.06 Albert Lazzarini: Search for Stochastic GW Background with LIGO S1 Data
03.04.22 Alan Weinstein: Search for GW Bursts in LIGO S1 Data
03.04.15 Teviet Creighton: First LIGO/GEO Upper Limits on Pulsar Gravitational Emissions
03.03.11 Peter Shawhan: First LIGO Search for Binary Inspirals
03.03.04 Vladimir Braginsky: LIGO II and LIGO III: The View from Moscow
03.02.11 Kenji Numata: Direct Measurement of Mirror Thermal Noise
03.02.04 Gijs Nelemans: Studying Galactic Compact Binaries with LISA
03.01.28 Lute Maleki: Progress in Atomic Clocks and Tests of Fundamental Laws
03.01.14 Roger Blandford: Tidal Excitation of White Dwarf Oscillations
02.12.03 John Armstrong: The Cassini Gravitational Experiment
02.11.05 James Bock: CMB Polarisation and Future Polarimeters
02.10.18 Anna Nobili: Galileo Galilei: The Space Mission and the Prototype
02.10.08 Milos Milosavljevic: Long-Term Evolution of Massive Black Hole Binaries
02.05.24 Alessandra Buonanno: The Late Inspiral of Binary Black Holes: The Epoch When Post-Newtonian Expansion Becomes Suspect. How Do We Detect Gravitational Waveforms?
02.05.17 Yanbei Chen: Quantum Noise in Advanced LIGO Interferometers
02.05.07 William Hamilton: The Status and Prospects for Resonant GW Detectors
02.04.19 Seiji Kawamura: The Current Status of the TAMA300 Interferometric GW Detector
02.03.15 Albert Lazzarini: LIGO Data Analysis for the Recent E7 and Coming S1 Run: Status and Plans
02.03.08 Vladimir Braginsky, Farid Khalili: Gravitational Wave Research at Moscow University: Past, Present, and Future
02.03.01 Nobuyuki Kanda: TAMA's Gravitational Wave Search
02.02.15 Sterl Phinney: Shannon's Theorem, Olbers' Paradox, and the Confusion Limit in Gravitational Wave Astronomy
02.01.18 Luis Lehner: Numerical Relativity: Promises, Status, Challenges, and Prospects
01.12.14 Robert Spero: Interferometers for LISA and Its Precursor
01.10.19 William Folkner, Robert Spero, Andreas Kuhnert: Disturbance reduction system - A proposed space demonstration of drag-free technology video
01.10.05 Arthur Kosowsky: Gravitational Radiation From the Electroweak Phase Transition
01.06.08 Sterl Phinney: The Capture of Compact Objects by Massive Black Holes, and Its Implications for LISA
01.05.25 Benoit Mours: The VIRGO Gravitational Wave Project: Status and Plans
01.05.11 Chris Fryer: Gravitational Waves from Stellar Core Collapse
01.04.27 Hiro Yamamoto, Matt Evans: The LIGO End-to-End Model and Its Application to LIGO I
01.03.02 Donald C. Backer: Gravitational-wave searches via pulsar timing
01.02.16 Stan Whitcomb: The LIGO-I gravitational wave detectors video
01.02.02 Eugenio Coccia: Resonant-mass (bar) detectors for gravitational waves
01.01.19 Alexander Vilenkin: Gravitational wave bursts from cosmic strings
01.01.05 Vladimir B. Braginsky, Valery P. Mitrofanov: Noise in LIGO interferometers: Thermorefractive noise, laser frequency fluctuations of nonlinear origin, electrostatic actuator noise, and others
00.12.01 Lee Lindblom: R-Mode oscillations in spinning neutron stars: Are their gravitational waves detectable by LIGO?
00.11.17 E. Sterl Phinney, William M. Folkner: LISA: A space observatory for low-frequency gravitational waves video
00.11.03 John W. Armstrong: Low-frequency gravitational wave searches using spacecraft Doppler tracking
00.10.13 Kip S. Thorne: Quantum noise and quantum nondemolition in gravitational-wave interferometers
00.09.29 Marc Kamionkowski, Andrew Lange: Searching for extremely low-frequency gravitational waves by their influence on the cosmic microwave background