Caltech/JPL Association for Gravitational-Wave Research


CaJAGWR is an association of Caltech/JPL scientists and engineers engaged in gravitational-wave research. It sponsors a series of seminars by leading international experts on topics related to gravitational waves.

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Contact: Jonah Kanner (chair, CaJAGWR executive committee).

gLISA: geosynchronous Laser Interferometer Space Antenna

Massimo Tinto

14.11.4 • 4pm • Hameetman Auditorium in Cahill

14.10.14 Yuri Levin: Reciprocity relationships for gravitational-wave interferometers video
14.06.10 Chiara Caprini: Cosmology with gravitational-wave detection video
14.04.29 William Folkner: The orbits of the Earth and planets and their relation to the celestial reference frame video
14.03.11 Masaru Shibata: Gravitational waves and electromagnetic counter parts of binary neutron star mergers video
14.03.04 Gary Sanders: The Thirty Meter Telescope: How California, Canada, China, India and Japan are Working Together to Build a Next Generation Extremely Large Telescope video
14.01.21 John Friedman: Measuring the neutron-star equation of state with gravitational waves from binary inspiral video
13.12.10 Curt Cutler: The gravitational-wave discovery space of pulsar-timing arrays video
13.10.08 Justin Ellis: Searching for Gravitational Waves with Pulsar Timing Arrays video
13.06.04 John Ziemer: Micropropulsion applications from gravity-wave telescopes to exoplanet observatories and cube-sats video
13.03.12 Kenta Kiuchi: Gravitational waves and neutrino emissions from compact binary mergers video
13.02.19 Keith Schwab: Development of ultra-low loss acoustic resonator from Superfluid Helium-4 video
13.02.05 Duncan Brown: Challenges in searches for binary black holes and black hole-neutron star systems video
13.01.22 Sarah Burke-Spolaor: Supermassive pairs hiding in the cosmos
12.12.11 Rana Adhikari: Turning on and tuning in the gravitational radiation antennae video
12.11.27 Aaron Zimmerman: Visualizing curved spacetime: what we have learned video
12.11.13 Andreas Ross: Gravitational radiation from compact binaries with effective field theory video
12.10.30 Ayaka Shoda: Torsion-bar antenna for low-frequency gravitational-wave detection video
12.05.01 Danielle Wuchenich: Digitally-enhanced interferometry
12.04.24 Sheila Dwyer: A quantum-enhanced gravitational-wave detector
12.03.13 Roland Haas: Gravitational and electromagnetic signatures from the tidal disruption of stars video
12.02.28 Matt Duez: Ways of seeing black hole-neutron star binaries video
11.12.13 Tony Piro: Electromagnetic and gravitational waves together video
11.11.29 David Reitze: Advanced LIGO - What, Why, How, When video
11.11.15 Mark Scheel: Binary Black Hole Simulations with SpEC video
11.05.31 Haixing Miao: Exploring macroscoping quantum mechanics in advanced gravitational-wave detectors video
11.05.10 Curt Cutler; Michele Vallisneri: New ideas in gravitational-wave data analysis: the phase relaxed F-statistic; exact maps of the maximum-likelihood estimator video
10.12.07 Jay Marx: Expanding the network of advanced GW detectors video
11.03.08 Laura Book: Astrometric effects of a stochastic gravitational wave background video
11.01.04 Jocelyn Read: Measuring the size of neutron stars using gravitational waves video
10.11.16 Tanja Hinderer: Transient resonances in extreme mass ratio inspirals video
10.11.16 Jan Harms: Newtonian noise or how to get into serious trouble (and out again) video
10.10.19 Chiara Caprini: Gravitational waves from first-order phase transitions video
10.08.10 Tarun Souradeep: Minimizing diffuse foreground emissions in sky maps video
10.05.25 Mansi Kasliwal: Transients in the local Universe video
10.05.11 Christian Reisswig: Cauchy-characteristic waveform extraction from binary black-hole inspiral and merger simulations video
10.04.20 Stan Whitcomb: An idiosyncratic history of technical developments leading to LIGO video
10.04.06 Bill Weber: Achieving freely falling test masses in LISA and LISA Pathfinder video
10.03.09 Zeeshan Ahmed: Results from the final exposure of CDMS-II video
10.03.02 Ben Owen: Probing neutron stars with gravitational waves video
10.01.12 Raffaele Flaminio: Research Developments and Plans for Advanced Virgo video
09.12.07 Stefano Vitale: LISA Pathfinder: The Experiment and the Way to LISA video
09.11.17 Peter Kalmus: GW Detector Calibration video
09.10.06 Chad Galley: Effective Field Theory Methods for Gravitational Binaries video
09.07.28 Curt Cutler: Cosmology with 300,000 Standard Sirens video
09.05.26 Krzysztof Gorski: Planck: History, Timing, Prospects video
09.05.12 Alberto Sesana: Prospects for Gravitational Wave detection with Forthcoming Pulsar Timing Arrays video
09.03.13 Vuk Mandic: The Deep Underground Gravity Lab at DUSEL video
09.02.24 Drew Keppel: Progress in the LSC/Virgo Search Pipeline for Compact Binary Coalescences video
09.02.10 Deirdre Shoemaker: Simplicity of Binary Black Hole Coalescence and Its Implications for Detection video
09.01.12 Craig Hogan: Holographic Geometry, Indeterminancy, and Noise video
08.12.09 Szabolcs Marka: Gravitational Waves and Multimessenger Astrophysics video
08.11.25 Christian Ott: Understanding Core-Collapse Supernovae with the Help of Gravitational Waves
08.11.11 Andrew Melatos: Gravitational Radiation from Pulsar Glitches: Nuclear Physics with LIGO video
08.10.28 Yanbei Chen: Exploring Macroscopic Quantum Mechanics with LIGO
08.07.29 Seiji Kawamura: The Japanese Space Gravitational-Wave Antenna DECIGO video
08.05.27 Erik Katsavounidis: Detection Confidence in Search of GW Transients video
08.05.06 Vanessa Lauburg: Prospects for LIGO Detection of Stellar-Mass Black Hole Binary Mergers in Galactic Nuclei video
08.03.04 Jonathan Feng: Dark Matters video
08.02.26 Janna Levin: A Periodic Table for Black Hole Orbits video
08.02.05 Marta Volonteri: Massive Black Holes From Early Times to the Present video
08.01.22 Lawrence Kidder: Binary Black Holes: Numerical Simulations and Approximation video
07.12.04 Emanuele Berti: Black Hole Binary Mergers and Black Hole Spectroscopy video
07.11.20 Yoichi Aso: Improving the Bandwidth and Stability of Interferometric GW Detectors with Suspension Point Interferometers video
07.10.09 Alessandra Buonanno: Interfacing Analytical and Numerical Relativity in the Modeling of Binary Black Holes video
07.06.05 Jeandrew Brink: Spacetime Encodings video
07.05.15 Elena Pierpaoli: Constraining GW with the CMB Radiation video
07.04.17 Leonid Grishchuk: 'Magnetic' Components of Gravitational Waves and Their Effect in the LIGO-VIRGO Response Functions video
07.03.06 Etienne Racine: Gaussianity of LISA Confusion Background from Extreme-Mass-Ratio Inspirals video
07.02.13 Richard Umstaetter: A Bayesian Estimation of Confusion Noise in the LISA Data video
06.11.28 Kirk McKenzie: Generating Squeezed States of Light for GW Detection video
06.11.14 Mark Scheel: A Revolution in Numerical Simulations of Binary Black Holes video
06.10.31 Shourov Chatterji: Status of LIGO's 5th Science Run video
06.10.17 Lars Bildsten: Ultracompact Binaries: Orbital Periods Shrter Than This Talk video
06.10.03 Antony Searle: Robust Bayesian Detection of Unmodeled Bursts of GW video
06.06.27 Teviet Creighton: Searching for Gravitational Waves with Einstein@Home Project video
06.06.13 Jean-Pierre Lasota: The Evidence for Astrophysical Black Holes video
06.04.18 Nergis Mavalvala: Squeezed States in GW Interferometers video
06.04.04 Tarun Souradeep: Hunting Correlation Patterns in the CMB Anisotropy video
06.03.14 Xavier Siemens: Gravitational Wave Bursts from Cosmic Strings: Quantitative Analysis and Constraints
06.03.07 Rana Adhikari: Tuning LIGO to Listen to Gravitational Waves video
06.02.28 Curt Cutler: BBO and the Neutron-Star-Binary Subtraction Problem video
06.02.20 Eirini Messaritaki: Searching for Gravitational Waves from Black Hole Binaries in Data From the LIGO Detectors: Challenges and Prospects video
06.01.03 Stefan Ballmer: Compensating Thermal Lensing in Initial LIGO video
05.12.20 Rejean Dupuis: Searches for Periodic Gravitational Waves video
05.11.15 Andrew Lange: Can We Detect the Inflationary Gravity Wave Background with CMB? video
05.10.11 Peter Bender: Experimental Design Tradeoffs for the LISA Mission
05.08.10 Graham Woan: Bayesian Methods Applied to LISA Source Identification video
05.05.17 Alessandra Buonanno: Source Modeling, Detection and Science of GW Emitted by Precessing Compact Binaries video
05.05.13 Frederick Jenet: GW Detection Using Radio Pulsar Timing video
05.03.08 Yanbei Chen: Quantum Nondemolition GW Detectors: The Future of LIGO
05.02.22 William Folkner: LISA Pathfinder and ST7 video
05.01.25 Paolo La Penna: Status of VIRGO
04.12.07 Rana Adhikari: Sensitivity Improvements in the LIGO Interferometers video
04.11.16 Patrick Sutton: LIGO-TAMA Joint Search for GW Bursts video
04.06.01 Michele Vallisneri: A Synthetic LISA, with Science and Engineering Applications video
04.05.18 Benjamin Owen: GW from Binaries with Spin-Orbit Precession video
04.04.13 Ho Jung Paik: Probing Extra Dimensions Using a Superconducting Gravity Gradiometer; GW Experiments on the Moon
04.03.26 Vladimir Braginsky: Adolescent Years of Experimental Physics
04.03.09 Vicky Kalogera: The Most Relativistic Double Pulsar: Implications for GW Detection and Neutron Star Formation
04.03.02 Adam Burrows: Multidimensional Supernova Simulations
04.01.29 Daniel Shaddock: Interferometry for LISA: New Concepts and Experimental Progress
04.01.13 Patrick Brady: LIGO's Continuing Search for GW
04.01.06 Peter Fritschel: The Stochastic GW Background: Prospects for Search and Detection
03.12.02 Szabolcs Marka: Search for GW Signatures of Violent Cosmic Events
03.11.18 Curt Cutler: Data Analysis for LISA Capture Sources video
03.10.07 Massimo Tinto: Time-Delay Interferometry for LISA: The Next Generation
03.06.10 Koji Arai: TAMA300: Current Status and Joint Observation with LIGO
03.05.06 Albert Lazzarini: Search for Stochastic GW Background with LIGO S1 Data
03.04.22 Alan Weinstein: Search for GW Bursts in LIGO S1 Data
03.04.15 Teviet Creighton: First LIGO/GEO Upper Limits on Pulsar Gravitational Emissions
03.03.11 Peter Shawhan: First LIGO Search for Binary Inspirals
03.03.04 Vladimir Braginsky: LIGO II and LIGO III: The View from Moscow
03.02.11 Kenji Numata: Direct Measurement of Mirror Thermal Noise
03.02.04 Gijs Nelemans: Studying Galactic Compact Binaries with LISA
03.01.28 Lute Maleki: Progress in Atomic Clocks and Tests of Fundamental Laws
03.01.14 Roger Blandford: Tidal Excitation of White Dwarf Oscillations
02.12.03 John Armstrong: The Cassini Gravitational Experiment
02.11.05 James Bock: CMB Polarisation and Future Polarimeters
02.10.18 Anna Nobili: Galileo Galilei: The Space Mission and the Prototype
02.10.08 Milos Milosavljevic: Long-Term Evolution of Massive Black Hole Binaries
02.05.24 Alessandra Buonanno: The Late Inspiral of Binary Black Holes: The Epoch When Post-Newtonian Expansion Becomes Suspect. How Do We Detect Gravitational Waveforms?
02.05.17 Yanbei Chen: Quantum Noise in Advanced LIGO Interferometers
02.05.07 William Hamilton: The Status and Prospects for Resonant GW Detectors
02.04.19 Seiji Kawamura: The Current Status of the TAMA300 Interferometric GW Detector
02.03.15 Albert Lazzarini: LIGO Data Analysis for the Recent E7 and Coming S1 Run: Status and Plans
02.03.08 Vladimir Braginsky, Farid Khalili: Gravitational Wave Research at Moscow University: Past, Present, and Future
02.03.01 Nobuyuki Kanda: TAMA's Gravitational Wave Search
02.02.15 Sterl Phinney: Shannon's Theorem, Olbers' Paradox, and the Confusion Limit in Gravitational Wave Astronomy
02.01.18 Luis Lehner: Numerical Relativity: Promises, Status, Challenges, and Prospects
01.12.14 Robert Spero: Interferometers for LISA and Its Precursor
01.10.19 William Folkner, Robert Spero, Andreas Kuhnert: Disturbance reduction system - A proposed space demonstration of drag-free technology video
01.10.05 Arthur Kosowsky: Gravitational Radiation From the Electroweak Phase Transition
01.06.08 Sterl Phinney: The Capture of Compact Objects by Massive Black Holes, and Its Implications for LISA
01.05.25 Benoit Mours: The VIRGO Gravitational Wave Project: Status and Plans
01.05.11 Chris Fryer: Gravitational Waves from Stellar Core Collapse
01.04.27 Hiro Yamamoto, Matt Evans: The LIGO End-to-End Model and Its Application to LIGO I
01.03.02 Donald C. Backer: Gravitational-wave searches via pulsar timing
01.02.16 Stan Whitcomb: The LIGO-I gravitational wave detectors video
01.02.02 Eugenio Coccia: Resonant-mass (bar) detectors for gravitational waves
01.01.19 Alexander Vilenkin: Gravitational wave bursts from cosmic strings
01.01.05 Vladimir B. Braginsky, Valery P. Mitrofanov: Noise in LIGO interferometers: Thermorefractive noise, laser frequency fluctuations of nonlinear origin, electrostatic actuator noise, and others
00.12.01 Lee Lindblom: R-Mode oscillations in spinning neutron stars: Are their gravitational waves detectable by LIGO?
00.11.17 E. Sterl Phinney, William M. Folkner: LISA: A space observatory for low-frequency gravitational waves video
00.11.03 John W. Armstrong: Low-frequency gravitational wave searches using spacecraft Doppler tracking
00.10.13 Kip S. Thorne: Quantum noise and quantum nondemolition in gravitational-wave interferometers
00.09.29 Marc Kamionkowski, Andrew Lange: Searching for extremely low-frequency gravitational waves by their influence on the cosmic microwave background